Anesthesia machine AM-900A

Anesthesia machine in Ghana

  • Anesthesia information management system output port
  • Owned power supply to support the work of the anesthesia machine for more than two hours

Risingmed Ghana


  • 10.4 “color TFT screen display
  • Double-ended differential pressure flow sensor, machine control or manual mode can be real-time monitor the tidal volume, respiratory rate, airway pressure, pressure wave, the flow velocity waveform (bidirectional) on the pressure, the lower limit of suffocation, the oxygen concentration.
  • Breathing ring function
  • Can be closed, half-closed, half-open inhalation anesthesia
  • Scope: adults, children
  • Low gas source alarm: when oxygen gas source pressure is too low, will have more than seven seconds audible alarm
  • High-pressure limit: when airway pressure exceeds the upper limit set value, the ventilator automatically limited to stop the airway pressure continue going up to ensure patient safety.
  • Low-voltage protection: When the oxygen pressure is lower than 0.1MPa, the nitrous oxide pathway automatically cut off
  • Failure alarm, power failure continuation function
  • Rapid oxygen supply: 35 ~ 75L/min
  • Air source pressure: oxygen: 0.27 ~ 0.55MPa
  • Nitrous oxide: 0.27 ~ 0.55MPa
  • Air: 0.27 ~ 0.55MPa
  • Power supply: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 1%


  • Oxygen, nitrous oxide, air six tube flowmeter (0 ~ 10L/min)
  • Oxygen / nitrous oxide linkage to ensure that the oxygen concentration not less than 25%
  • Anesthesia ventilator:
  • With each set of adults, children bellows
  • Pneumatic electrical control
  • Detection parameters: tidal volume, respiratory rate, respiratory ratio, peak airway pressure, airway pressure waveform
  • Operating modes: manual, automatic
  • The respiratory mode: IPPV, SIGH, SIMV/f/2, SIPPV PEEP (0.5 ~ 2KPa)
  • Tidal volume: 0 to 1500mL
  • Respiratory rate: 4 ~ 60bpm
  • Respiratory ratio: 1:0.5 ~ 1:4 adjustable
  • Synchronous trigger pressure: -1 ~ 0KPa
  • Pressure upper limit: 2 ~ 6KPa
  • Pressure lower limit: 0.6 ~ 2KPa


  • Integrated design, integrated breathing circuit


  • High-precision dual-evaporator, enflurane and isoflurane (also provide other optional evaporator)
  • Concentration adjustment range: 0.5 ~ 5% VOL
  • Evaporator has the flow, pressure, and automatic temperature compensation function
  • Self-locking and interlocking functions
  • Capacity: 180mL


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