Nikon biological microscope ECLIPSE E100

Biological Microscope in Ghana

  • High-quality images with newly developed bright LED illumination and time-proven CFI optical system
  • Features newly developed high-intensity LED illumination, providing uniform brightness in the entire field of view. A halogen illumination model is also available.
  • Nikon’s infinity corrected optics, designed especially for the ECLIPSE E100 microscope, use state-of-the-art technology to produce outstanding performance. Nikon’s CFI* optics achieve flat, sharp images that minimize distortion to the maximum. Colorless transparent specimens can be observed with phase contrast observation. Featuring a simple and easy-to-use design for beginners, strong rigidity to ensure high accuracy and a long life, and an easy-to-store structure, the ECLIPSE E100 is the perfect choice for a variety of purposes, including educational and routine laboratory research.*Chromatic-aberration Free Infinity

Nikon Ghana

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  • Main body
    Optical system: CFI optical system
    Illumination: High luminescent white LED illuminator (Eco-illumination). 6V20W halogen lamp, Compliant multi-voltage (100 V-240 V)
    Eyepieces (F.O.V.): E1-CFI 10x (18 mm), CFI E 15x (12 mm)
    Focusing: Coaxial coarse/fine focusing, Cross roller guide, Focusing stroke: 22 mm, Coarse: 37.7 mm/rotation, Fine: 0.2 mm/rotation, Coarse motion torque adjustable
  • Tubes
    E2-TB Binocular Tube
    E2-TF Trinocular Tube, Eyepiece/Port: 100/0, 0/100, 360° rotatable
  • Nosepieces
    Quadruple nosepiece (within main body), Revolving mechanism with multiple ball bearings, Elastic nosepiece grip-ring
  • Stages
    Rectangular mechanical stage (within main body), with specimen holder, with vernier calibrations, Cross travel: 76 (X) x 40 (Y) mm
  • Objectives (NA / W.D., mm):
    CFI BE Plan Achromat 4x (0.1 / 25)
    CFI BE Plan Achromat 10x (0.25 / 6.7)
    CFI BE Plan Achromat 20x (0.4 / 3.7)
    CFI BE Plan Achromat 40x (0.65 / 0.6)
    CFI BE Plan Achromat 60x (0.8 / 0.24)
    CFI BE Plan Achromat 100x (1.25 / 0.14)
    CFI BE Plan Achromat DL10x (0.25 / 6.7)
    CFI BE Plan Achromat DL40x (0.65 / 0.6)
    CFI BE Plan Achromat DL100x (1.25 / 0.14)
  • Condensers
    YS-CA Abbe Condenser N.A. 1.25, Aperture diaphragm with position guide marking for respective objectives, 33-mm Blue Filter attachable. Phase Condenser
  • Observation methods*
    Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase contrast
  • Optional accessories
    Phase contrast attachment, Object marker, Darkfield ring unit, Mirror unit, Cord hanger, Storage case
  • Power consumption (max.)
    Normal value: 3 W (LED illumination model), 33 W (halogen illumination model)
  • Weight (approx.):
    6 kg (Binocular standard set)


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