Video Endoscopy System HD-330

Endoscopy in Ghana

SonoScape HD-330 Digital Endoscopy System is an innovative product with build-in workstation that enables easy and simple data management.

Powered by SonoScape’s state-of-the-art image processing technologies, HD-330 delivers images in high sharpness and clearness without loss in subtle mucosal details for endoscopic diagnosis. The highly advanced Xenon light source HDL-330 and ergonomically engineered endoscopes EC-330, EG- 330, and EB-330 enable the most obscure changes to be viewed, providing physician extraordinary experience never experienced.

  • Excellent Patient Information Management
    The patient information can be created, edited, saved, searched, printed, marked by body mark, viewed in the form of report, backed up and exported.
  • Powerful Digital Image Management
    The image can be acquired, archived, transmitted, displayed, and searched with DICOM standard.


  • HD-330
    Combined with smart built-in workstation, the HD-330 processor delivers high image quality with excellent illumination. The multiple video output ports of HD-330 processor transmit the high image clearness without any loss. Moreover, the HD-330 processor can be configured with a wide range of imaging technologies.

    • Excellent image processing provides the best possible image quality.
    • Powerful and simple operation.
    • Cost-efficiency and better illumination from Xenon Light-source.
    • Multiple magnification levels for instant enlargement.
    • 4 Customizable buttons provides outstanding maneuverability.
    • Built-in workstation offers easy access and intelligent information management.
    • A range of video outputs for the high resolution monitor.


  • HDL-330
    The HDL-330 Xenon Cold Light Source is an ideal light source for endoscopic system, providing the most natural color and excellent illumination. It employs stat-of-art lighting technology which remarkably emits and transmits the appropriate light to the object for endoscopes.

    • HDL-330 offers over 5,900K color temperature close to the natural sunlight.
    • 300 Watt Xenon lamp perfectly coordinated with SonoScape’s endoscopes.
    • Auto/Manual brightness control function makes the light be controlled in an easy way.
    • 500 hours working life indication displayed on the front panel.
    • Two types of special illuminating modes available – the Filter Type is ideal for observation under single color mode while the Trans Type is suitable for observation required larger illumination.


  • EG-330
    Exceptional image quality.
    Optimum illumination for lighting.
    Slimmer and lighter control body with ergonomic design.
    A wide field of view angle.
    Larger bending angulation with better maneuverability.


  • EC-330
    High resolution and clearer image quality.
    Extra-wide 140° field of view with better bending angle.
    A slimmer outer diameter with different size of instrument
    channels allows easy insertion.
    The ergonomically designed control body has greatly increased the operability.


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