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  • 800 has the advantages of small cubage low weight, large capacity, low noise and so on. It can be operated conveniently. It is an ideal instrument for hospitals, labs to make qualitative analysis to serum, plasma; radio-immunity.

    • Max. Speed: 4000rpm, step adjusted speed
    • Capacity: 20 ml x 6
    • Max. RCF: 1790 x g
  • It has steady performance. It has the characteristics of large capacity, low noise, low temperature rise, beautiful appearance. This centrifuge is controlled by computer and driven by inverter motor and easy to operate. Electronic lock makes it safer. It covers a wide range of application in scientific research institute of biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, food and environment protection. This model also is good to separate plasma or other suspension liquid.

    • Max. Speed: 4000r/min, digital display speed
    • Max. RCF: 2325 (xg)
    • Capacity: 12 x 20ml
    • Time range: 0~30min
    • With mechanical lock
    • Max. speed at 4500rpm
    • Precise control of speed and time separately
    • Faster acceleration and deceleration
    • Perfectly suited for 15mL cell culture tubes and a full line of collection tubes
    • Easy programming to achieve high accuracy of speed control
    • Easy operation with intuitive menu and easy-to-read display
    • Rotor speed can be set and displayed by RPM or G-force
    • Maintenance-free brushless DC motors
    • Pressing and holding PULSE key for quick spin function
    • Lid with electric lock and automatic release function saves processing time and prevents samples overheating
    • Automatic self-diagnosis on startup showing accumulative running time and last running parameters
    • Speed range of 200~14000rpm, Max. RCF 18620×g
    • Precise control of speed and time separately
    • Easy operation with intuitive menu and easy-to-read display
    • Maintenance-free brushless DC motors
    • Pulse operation for quick spins
    • Rotor capacity: Hematocrit rotor: 24 capollary Max. speed:12000rpm Tube rotor: 1.5/2mL×24
    • Max. speed: 14000rpm

Showing all 5 results

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