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  • Binocular compound microscope designed for teaching demonstrations, clinical examinations and laboratory applications. It comes with a Siedentopf binocular head, double layer mechanical stage with course & fine focusing, and an LED illumination system. This microscope is an ideal instrument for bacterial, biological, and pharmaceutical researches.

    Magnification settings:
    B120 (40X-1000X)
    B120A (40X-1600X)
    B120B (40X-2000X)
    B120C (40X-2500X)

  • This series microscope is developed for various applied scopes. From daily work to scientific research, it is widely used in Biology, Histology, Pathology, Medicament chemistry research and Clinical examination. It is also used for education Colleges and Schools.

    • A clinical level microscope for routine applications in medical, veterinary and university labs.
    • Crisp, High Resolution Images at an Affordable Price
      MB540 Series features our Plan Achromat Infinity objectives which are renowned for crisp, high contrast images with outstanding resolution. Modular in design the MB540 boasts options for entry level fluorescence applications, phase contrast, darkfield and simple polarization.
    • Ease of Viewing, Maximum Flexibility
      With 22mm field of view eyepieces and an eyepoint height that is adjustable, it can be raised 35mm by rotating the eyepiece tubes up 180° to accommodate the needs of various users.
    • Sharp, High Resolution Optics
      These Infinity plan objectives provide users with best in class high resolution, high contrast objectives.
    • Rackless Stage
      The rackless, scratch resistant rectangular stage has low-positioned X-Y coaxial controls.
    • Eyepiece: WF 1 0× -20mm
    • Infinity Plan Objectives: IOS 4 × /0.10, IOS 10 × /0.25, IOS 20 × /0.40(S), IOS 40 × /0.66 (S), IOS 100 × /1.25 (Oil) (S)
    • Seidentopf Binocular Head (For Infinity System): Inclined 30 °, Rotatable 360°, Interpupilary Distance:50-75mm
    • Seidentopf Trinocular Head (For Infinity System): Inclined 30 °, Rotatable 360°, Interpupilary Distance:50-75mm, Light Distribution: 0:100
    • Nosepiece: Quintuple
    • Mechanical Stage (Size: 190m m× 140mm): Travel: 78mm × 55mm, Coaxial Coarse and Fine Focusing Knobs
    • Condenser: Abbe N.A. 1.25 (Iris Diaphragm)
    • Koehler Illumination System: 6V/20W Halogen Lamp(G4)
    • Field Diaphragm
    • Filter: Blue
  • High efficiency, flexibility and stability are the characters of this series microscope. It is specially developed for various applied scopes. It is widely used, from daily work to scientific research, in Laboratory, Hospitals and Colleges. Because of higher capability with lower price and humanized configuration design, It also becomes the first choice of individual, Schools, and Scientific research organization.

    • Wide-field Eyepiece, high light illumination and superior optical parts make the image clear, sharp and bright.
    • Backward nosepiece with superior objectives makes the best viewing effect and more space for the operator.
    • Wide mechanical stage with 2-Microslide specimen clamp provides more convenience for the observer.
    • High precision focusing adjustment system and humanized configuration design provide operator more comfortable.
    • High-quality images with newly developed bright LED illumination and time-proven CFI optical system
    • Features newly developed high-intensity LED illumination, providing uniform brightness in the entire field of view. A halogen illumination model is also available.
    • Nikon’s infinity corrected optics, designed especially for the ECLIPSE E100 microscope, use state-of-the-art technology to produce outstanding performance. Nikon’s CFI* optics achieve flat, sharp images that minimize distortion to the maximum. Colorless transparent specimens can be observed with phase contrast observation. Featuring a simple and easy-to-use design for beginners, strong rigidity to ensure high accuracy and a long life, and an easy-to-store structure, the ECLIPSE E100 is the perfect choice for a variety of purposes, including educational and routine laboratory research.*Chromatic-aberration Free Infinity

    Nikon Ghana

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