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    • Accurate, compact, lightweight and portable
    • Robust and hardwearing
    • Features comfortable integral mouthpiece
    • Conforms to all peak flow standards including ISO23747:2007
    • Suitable for adults and children
    • Suitable for multi-subject use with SafeTway mouthpiece.
  • Audiology in Ghana.

    Battery operated small and ultra-lightweight portable air conduction screener. Portable, super-lightweight air conduction hearing screener (only 450 g).

    • Pure tone signal from 15 to 50 dB
    • Frequencies: 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz
    • Headset DD45
    • Powered by AA alkaline batteries
  • Audiology in Ghana.

    Easy and mobile air conduction audiometer

    • New features combined with a fresh design
    • Air conduction with 11 frequencies from 125 Hz to 8 kHz
    • Customize the frequencies according to your own needs
    • Intensities from -10 dBHL to +100 dBHL in steps of 5 or 1 dB
    • Pure, warble and pulse tone
    • Independent with battery or with power supply
    • MA 25e with automatic Hughson-Westlake test
  • Audiology in Ghana.

    The “Talking Audiometer”: Screening audiometer for tone audiometry. Automatic test facilities for fast screening and threshold tests

    • Manual and automatic pure tone audiometry
    • Automatic threshold tests according to Hughson Westlake
    • Screening test at 30 dB in less than 2 minutes
    • Selectable test frequency
    • Stores up to 200 audiograms
  • Audiology in Ghana.

    The MA 50 portable audiometer for air and bone conduction

    • Air and bone conduction
    • Continous, pulse and warble tone, masking noise
    • Ergonomically designed case, soft handle for comfortable transport
  • Audiology in Ghana.

    Screening audiometer with air conduction and/or bone conduction and present masking on AC

    • Air-conduction frequency range from 250 Hz to 8 kHz
    • Bone-conduction with automatic masking (ST 20 BC)
    • Diagnostic functions (ST 20 SISI)
    • Slim (letter-page size) instrument
    • Optional loudspeaker for pediatric tests
    • Optional LCD-Display for level and frequency or SISI test score
    • Optional serial PC-interface
    • Optional patient response button with flashing light display
  • The world’s leading non-invasive liver fibrosis diagnostic system.

    FibroTouch type M is a completely non-invasive detection instrument for healthy conditions of liver. All of following information will be provided to users by FibroTouch:

    • Liver fibrosis level
    • Fatty degeneration of liver
  • Audiometric booth, noise excluding cabin in Ghana.

    Mobile audiometry room (booth) is a small-size steel integrated room that dedicated for hearing aid fitting mechanism, it has scroll whell, so it’s convenient to move. Applicable For small and medium size of hearing aid fitting mechanism.

    The wall made by two layers of steel, and the outside of the wall use electrostatic spraying technology, the interior surface is polyester fiber acoustic board. Steel walls laying high-performance acoustic damping mat. Between two steel plates filled with formaldehyde-free environmental sound-absorbing cotton. Top of the room has active ventilation system, 10 channel signal adapter, and has a folding wall chair, headphone hook, and internal muted lighting.

  • Audiometric booth, noise excluding cabin in Ghana.

    The compact mobile hearing test chamber. Free of noise on smallest space. Solid construction. High sound insulation. Comfortable equipment.

    • Sound attenuation up to 52 dB
    • For audiometry with air and bone conduction, speech and all tests
    • Comfortable climate in the chamber due to the sound attenuated airing system
    • Integrated socket board and table for audiometer
    • Special safety door with magnetic sealing
    • Large observation window of multilayer safety glass
  • Manual rotary microtome
    Section thickness setting range: 1 – 35µm

  • Manual rotary microtome
    Section thickness setting range: 0 – 60µm

  • Morgue freezer for 1, 2, 4 or 6 bodies

    The corpse cold storage and freezing box/corpse cabinet is a series of product for hospital, funeral parlor, and postmortem examination department to store the corpse.

  • Stainless steel corpse cart with cover

    The unit allows for a concealed removal/transport of a deceased patient from the hospital room to the morgue.

  • Stainless steel corpse cart with cover

  • Stainless steel corpse cart with cover

  • Stainless steel corpse cart

    Comes with a hand cranking system to assist in some elevation to benefit working comfort and allow for drainage of overflow liquids and debris.

  • Stainless steel corpse lift table (hydraulic)

  • Stainless steel corpse lift table (hydraulic)

    • ECG, respiration, NIBP, temperature, SPO2, pulse, defibrillator
    • Biphasic technology


    • ECG, respiration, defibrillator
    • Monophasic technology


    • Automatic control
    • Hydraulic discharge:
      – YAZD-5WS: 5L/h
      – YAZD-10WS: 10L/h
      – YAZD-20WS: 20L/h
    • Hydraulic discharge:
      – YAZD-5: 5L/h
      – YAZD-10: 10L/h
      – YAZD-20: 20L/h
  • 85cm male torso 19 parts.
    Medical training mannequin.

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