Thermal printer head maintenance

Thermal printer head maintenance in GhanaUnderstanding thermal print head life

The print head is a very delicate and important portion of your thermal printer. Proper care must be taken with any portion of the printer, but it is especially important with this component. The goal of this document is to show you how to get the most mileage out of that critical component.

There are certain items on a thermal printer which are consumables. We traditionally think of consumables as Label or Ribbon, but there are also wear items which need to be considered as consumables as well. Some of these items would be print heads and platens.

The print head is an item which comes in constant contact with a moving product; this of course being the labels, ribbon and platen roller (roller directly underneath the print head). The quality of the labels and ribbon as well as the proper maintenance and care will have a direct affect on the print heads life.

This is much like the tires on your car, if you don’t periodically rotate, balance and align them you’ll end up replacing them much quicker then someone who does the manufacturers recommended maintenance.


Download the complete Thermal printer head maintenance manual.